Herbs for Hair Loss

One dreaded aspect about growing old is the possibility of hair thinning and eventually, hair loss. While this condition, technically known as alopecia, is often caused by genetic factors and ageing, other environmental causes could also be culprits for receding hairline among both males and females like nutritional deficiencies, [1] hormonal changes during pregnancy, radiation treatments and harsh chemical hair applications.

Yet hair loss is not something that immediately necessitates you to seek medical help as most hair loss products today contain natural herbs that gently allow hair to replenish by itself. [2]

7 Herbs for Hair Loss

You can easily find these herbs in your local store or even in your garden such as these 7 known hair promoting herbs:

a) Rosemary- a recent February 2013 study demonstrated that topical administration of 2 milligrams rosemary leaf extracts everyday improved hair re-growth on mice that experienced hair growth interruption. Rosemary extracts inhibit testosterone 5a-reductase which is one of the most known methods to combat androgenic alopecia. [3] Research has likewise found rosemary to be effective in disinfecting the scalp and preventing dandruff which can also be a source of hair loss. [2]

b) Panax Ginseng- this Chinese medicinal herb is known as an apatogen which helps the body fight stress, another likely cause of hair loss. [1] One study that explored the effects of ginseng on growth of hair follicles among mice that received whole doses of gamma radiation showed ginseng as having powerful effects on recovery of hair follicles. [4] These findings confirm other experts’ research that ginseng promotes blood circulation whether used as a tonic or shampoo. [5]

c) Aloe Vera-aloe vera is a popular hair loss herbal remedy for several good reasons. When massaged on the scalp, aloe vera gel is found to restore the hair’s PH balance, nourishing and moisturizing it. [2] This plant is also known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Experts have found that the enzyme it contains, superoxide dismutane, is responsible for alleviating male pattern baldness. [5]

d) Safflower- one study in 2012 sought to identify the possible mechanisms involved behind selected herbal plants that inhibit 5a-reductase enzyme and promote hair growth. Among the 17 Thai herbal plants used, safflower extracts were shown to be both the most powerful 5a-reductase inhibitor as well as the most potent hair growth promoter for the mice tested. [6]

e) False Daisy- there is definitely nothing false about the effects of this native Asian and South American plant to promote hair growth. A study in India that formulated a combination of 3 herbs including false daisy concluded that when False Daisy formulation was applied topically on shaved skin of rats, the time it took to complete hair growth decreased by 32% compared to those within the control group. [7]

f) Dong Quai- another known herbal treatment to stop hair loss, dong quai’s active ingredient is phytosteterone which has been associated by researchers as an herbal testosterone stimulant. [1]

g) Saw Palmetto- an October 2012 study showed promising results of Saw Palmetto in its effectiveness to treat mild to moderate genetic baldness. Patients treated with this herb showed an increase in hair growth and therefore could generally improve alopecia. [8]

With these and many other herbal remedies for hair loss to choose from, it is important to note that effects of each may vary from one individual to another. So before deciding the most appropriate herbal treatment for you, research on the underlying causes of your condition and carefully check the labels of products you buy for the actual herbs they contain. [5]


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