These 11 Foods Have Been Found By Science To Lower Blood Sugar

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Diabetes is a major problem that affects almost 30 million people in the USA alone. Ten percent of these people are undiagnosed, living without knowing that they are affected with a metabolic disorder. The WHO estimates 1.5 million deaths worldwide were attributed to diabetes in 2012. These numbers should be the cause of worry by everyone – not just people affected by or have a familial history of diabetes. [1][2]

Aside from avoiding foods high in sugar, you can also add the 11 food we have listed (together with links to the scientific reports) to lower your blood glucose levels.

1. Avocado

Avocado has a pretty bad rep because of its high fat content. However, avocado provides our body with naturally occurring fat, meaning it’s different from the dangerous fat found in fast food and processed food items. The fat from avocados is easily stored and processed our body. Not only that, a study on the oil extract from avocados suggest that the fruit is able to lower blood glucose, as well as other metabolic health markers like triglycerides and cholesterol. [3]


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