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These 13 Banned Food Ingredients Are Still Allowed In The U.S.A.

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Serious news today folks: I was really shocked to find out about this craziness. These dangerous ingredients have been BANNED in other countries yet in the USA are still lurking in all kinds of foods! One of them has been banned in over 100 countries!!! The sad thing is that most people simply have no idea of the reality of what they are eating.

Enough is enough! It’s absolutely vital to spread this info as far and wide as possible so that people can make informed choices. Please share to your Facebook, Pinterest, email to your friends and so on and let’s let them know we’ve had enough of their poisons. None of these ingredients is actually “necessary” – they are mostly put in just so as to increase profits for the manufacturers. When the consumer is educated, the companies will have to respond by creating products that do not attempt to slide these ghastly things in “under the radar”.

I made a downloadable / printable PDF of the list that you can print out when you go shopping, this will help you avoid these nasties:

Here is the link to the full original source article with detailed explanations and info (very cool web site by the way):

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101 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is all the rage at the moment – and for some very good reasons. Back in the eighties and nineties were were all “sold” on the idea of how wonderful margarine was – however in recent years more and more negative press has surfaced about hydrogenated fats and the highly processed oils often found in margarines – together with some very positive scientific discoveries about coconut oil and other natural oils and fats.

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile natural products around and has some incredible properties. I use it for cooking, eating raw (try it on toast instead of butter or oil!) and for skin care – however even as a true coconut fanatic, I was not aware of many of the other possibilities for coconut oil.

It’s regarded as important to obtain the highest quality coconut oil you can. As with many of the other oils on the market, there is a huge difference in quality and benefits between the most natural, untreated, unheated products and the mass-processed kind, which often have most of the nutrition processed right out of them. It’s a good idea for your health to invest a little time into study of what actually goes on in food manufacture; the various processes, and the effects they have on the nutritional qualities of the food. The processing of oils is often done in order to change the color and shelf life of the end product and for other reasons that may degrade the actual nutritional quality of the product in preference of factors that maximize profits.

The brand I use daily and simply love is “Artisana” which is raw, 100% Organic and extra virgin: Check out the string of 5-star rave reviews it gets on Amazon (some valuable extra info in there too!)

Below is the link to your “Coconut oil 101” list. This list, originally posted by The Wellness Mama, outlines 101 amazing uses and benefits of the beloved coconut oil. Please share with your friends!

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101 Uses For Coconut Oil

If you can think of any further uses for coconut oil, let us know in the comments.