6 Surprising Cancer Causers At Home You Should Get Rid Of Plus Alternatives And Tips For Greater Safety

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2. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners contain a variety of chemicals, some of which can detrimentally affect a person’s health. The state of California actually lists common constituents of air fresheners as carcinogenic to humans, and certain constituents can actually produce dangerous secondary pollutants. [3] A study published in 2010 has linked air freshener use with the development of breast cancer. [4] An alternative would be to use scented herbal and floral oils.

3. Certain Types Of Candles

When candles are burned, the wicks tend to emit trace amounts of chemicals. [5] Also, many commercial candles are made using petroleum products for the wax. Astonishingly, lead has been utilized to keep wicks straight – causing increased concentrations of lead in indoor air, [6] which is why using lead in candles was banned in the US. [7] Despite that, lead-wick candles still circulate in the world market. Inorganic lead has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as probably carcinogenic while a 2007 study revealed an associated between organic lead and stomach cancer. [8] Use all-natural candles such as soy or beeswax with cotton wicks instead.

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