10 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

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10 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer Women Shouldn't Ignoreimage © olyina – fotolia.com

Despite the falling mortality rates for ovarian cancer, it still remains as the fifth most common cancer to affect women and accounts for the highest mortality in cancers that affect the female reproductive system.

Ovarian cancer is regarded as a “silent killer” because symptoms can be subtle and only 20% of cases are discovered early enough for treatment. The American Cancer Society has very scary predictions when it comes to ovarian cancer in 2016 – roughly 21,000 women in the US will become diagnosed while 14,000 women will die from it – that’s two out of every three cases diagnosed.

By 2012, almost 200,000 women in the US were living with ovarian cancer and a familial or personal history of gynecological cancer is a risk factor. The overall risk of becoming affected by ovarian cancer is 1 in 75 while the risk of dying from it is 1 in 100. [1][2]

It pays to be vigilant. Take note of the following warning signs that you may have ovarian cancer.

#1: Irregular Menses

Most women are under the impression that their period should come every month – and more or less it should. However, a woman’s menstrual cycle can occur every 21 to 35 days, which is considered as the “normal” length of a typical menstrual cycle. Be aware if your menstruation doesn’t occur regularly according to your own cycle length. Give or take a few days isn’t bad but when the lapses become weeks to months, you may have a problem with your ovaries. As a women ages, menstrual cycles become more regular and shorter. [3]

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