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An important message from staff...

Dear Friends and Fans...

As many of you know by now, Facebook has recently implemented drastic changes to the way Fan Pages (including our 1.8 million fan page Herbs, Health and Happiness) are displayed on Facebook.

The "visibility in timeline" of content from a huge number of fan pages - including your favorite pages - has been slashed drastically. Now on average, our fans see less than one in twenty of the posts we make!!

This is complete madness! Fans join pages because they want to stay in touch - and now Facebook is trying to block it and destroy our fan base.

The only reason we can think of for this insane move is that it's about the money: There are some incredible fan pages out there, that are literally "too good"... fans must be paying too much attention to Fan Pages and not enough to the advertising! FB clearly don't like this one bit - and don't seem to care about us.

We have important, cutting edge information that we share with our fans - and we feel an amazing sense of connection and "family" with you! We're also trying to support the natural world and a healthy lifestyle. Our fans LOVE what we post - otherwise why would we be 1.9 million strong?

We tried to make our voices heard but Facebook wasn't listening.... so we started thinking "How can we reach our wonderful fans in a way that is easy, quick and reliable?"

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The answer was obvious. We have now created "The Daily Droplet" - a very simple, fast once-per-day email which contains a super-streamlined summary of our best posts and discoveries of the day!

It's bite sized! No fluff, no filler and it should take less than 30 seconds to "scan" and visit the pages you want to see!

We will also include "quick links" to our Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc so you can get where you want to go - fast.

Time is of the essence these days. We are aware of this and know how important yours is to you. Get the Daily Droplet and then you won't have to go hunting for our posts in the "great jungle" of Facebook. We'll deliver right to your door! ;)

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