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Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of BroccoliImage – Donelli M © Broccoli photo – wikipedia

Broccoli originated in Italy (as you might guess from the name) and it has been eaten there since Roman times – however surprisingly it has only been popular in the US in the last 100 years. Significant research has been done into the health benefits of green vegetables, particularly for their potential to treat or prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. On this page we have listed some of the most amazing benefits of broccoli from discoveries that scientists have made in recent years.

Anti-cancer Activity: Broccoli contains glucobrassicin, which is a glucosinalate – this chemical is a known precursor of some chemopreventive compounds and has generated a lot of interest from cancer researchers. [1][2] Sulphorafane, found in broccoli and other brassicas has been shown to inhibit and kill bladder cancer cells. [3]

Organic crops have shown a significantly higher content of brassicin than conventional crops, even though some other constituents are similar in both methods of cultivation. [4] Recent research has shown that steaming, stir-frying (and even microwaving!) broccoli result in much better retention of the glucosinalate than boiling and that a shorter cooking time is always preferable. [5]

Fights Arthritis: New research shows that broccoli could be helpful in the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis. This is also due to the presence of sulphorafane. [6][7]

Reduces Inflammation: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and some types of injury, such as those of the spinal cord, can be exacerbated by ongoing inflammation. Broccoli contains chemicals that can be used to reduce this inflammation, which can help to protect vulnerable tissue. [8][9]

Detoxifier (Removing pollution from the body!): This one is really interesting: Broccoli sprouts have been tested and shown to be very effective in removing some toxic air pollutants from the body during a recent clinical trial in China! [10]

Boosts Immune System: Broccoli has a high content of vitamins A, C and K, which are considered vital for a healthy immune system.

Improves Cardiovascular Health: Vitamin B9 (folate), found in broccoli can help to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease. Half a cup of cooked broccoli contains 13% of the recommended daily intake (fresh, steamed broccoli is likely to have the highest amounts). [11][12]

Contributes To Healthy Pregnancy: Folate (also called folic acid) is often taken by pregnant women as a supplement that helps to prevent preeclampsia and birth defects – broccoli is a good natural source!

Aids Digestion: Large amounts of dietary fiber found in broccoli contribute to a healthy digestive system and less constipation.

Aids Stomach Ulcers: There are also antibacterial properties that kill harmful bacteria in the gut, including H. Pylori bacteria, which can cause peptic ulcers and could facilitate stomach cancer. [13]

Prevents Anaemia: Readily available iron and folate in broccoli will help to keep anaemia at bay!

Eating fresh makes a difference and it’s best to keep your vegetables in the refrigerator – levels of vitamins and other essential health promoting compounds reduce during storage and exposure to heat or light!

Note – this article is not medical advice.

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