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URGENT: Facebook And Google Are Systematically Killing Off Natural Health Pages

Health Sites Decimated By Google
Image – GreenMedInfo

We have already been clobbered by Google, along with the other sites listed above – and we don’t know how much longer our Facebook pages will survive before they are deleted by Facebook. It could happen any time.

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FB have already choked our posts to the point where they are only seen by around 1 in 1000 of our fans. Would you prefer to be in control of choosing what you read? Or would you prefer that Facebook decides what you will see?

The above graphic was brought to our attention by the awesome GreenMedInfo and it sure is an eye opener.

Illustrations like the above demonstrate clearly that top quality sites like, and are being systematically ‘wiped out’ of the Google search results, with the more “orthodox” players like WebMD and Mayo getting a boost.

I don’t need to tell you that this has nothing to do with content quality. It is a corporatist takeover of the internet.

You have a right to read whatever information you want and if the corporate powers-that-be were actually FAIR, they would not attempt to “decide for you” what is suitable for you to read. If the system was fair, you should be able to like a page, see their posts and then if YOU decide you are over it, unlike the page. But no. The internet megacorps have decided to choke your ability to access the pages YOU want to see because THEY don’t like our content. And why don’t they like it? We know why.

Because of their business ties to big Pharma.

GreenMedInfo notes that “Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has set up two pharmaceutical companies: Calico (2013) and Verily Life Sciences (2015). Verily went on to partner with GlaxoSmithKline to create a third innovative drug company called Galvani Bioelectronics … Mary Ellen Coe, Alphabet’s president of customer solutions, also happens to be on the board of Merck, which happens to manufacture the MMR vaccine… GlaxoSmithKline signed a $715 million contract to partner with Google, and with increasing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in 2019 like Sanofi. Google’s parent company Alphabet, is heavily invested in a vaccine company, Vaccitech, founded by scientists at Oxford University.” (source)

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We are not fake news, and we are not doing weird stuff to control what people read. Read what you want until you have had your fill, then you can unsubscribe easily any time you want. There is an unsubscribe link at the foot of each email. Easy and fair.

Now there are some that say that we are being choked because of fake news. But that is not the case. This is clearly a systematic purge of alternative health information. Why? Simple – it is now common knowledge just how influential social media and search rankings are in how the public forms their opinions. It is well known that he who controls what people see – removing the visibility of genuine content and increasing the visibility of industry propaganda – can strongly influence the way people think, vote, act and most importantly, how they spend their money.

Isn’t it astonishing how in just two decades the internet went from being a ‘level playing field’ with companies promising to ‘do no evil’ to an information war zone where dirty tricks and chicanery are par for the course?

Don’t fall for it. Don’t let them do this to you.

Check out also Robert F. Kennedy’s inspiring speech about the “Rise of the Medical Police State”:

“The job of the press is to inform the public…. When you start censoring information you better look at whose behalf you are censoring it for – because that is the tyrant.” Robert F. Kennedy JR.

Information Fascism Is Real. Fight Back.

Stop The Censorship Of Alternative Media!

We are now being persecuted by Facebook and their army of “fact checkers” who have been deputized to decide for you what is true and what is false.

You are no longer permitted to read what you want and decide for yourself what is true, what is valuable and what is worth your time. Oh no. That cannot be allowed.

You are no longer allowed to simply “like a page” and then see their posts until you have had your fill.

You shall ONLY be allowed to see posts if Facebook determines that those posts are fit for you to view!

I should remind you – Facebook is not the police, nor are they a court of law. They are a corporation.

Despite the fancy do-gooder window-dressing, this is not about “preventing fake news”. This is about them controlling the flow of information and deciding what the public reads. This is about them appointing themselves as judge, jury and executioner over what you are permitted to see. This is a fact. This is really happening. You are no longer allowed to investigate ideas freely and form your own conclusions. You are only allowed to have THEIR pre-approved opinions. Only THEIR science is good enough for you… and alternative ideas are being CRUSHED into SILENCE.

Is that the world you want to live in? Because it is here.

The thing that Information Fascists fail to grasp about free speech is this:

To attempt prohibition of free speech is to mandate that you do not consider the listener / reader capable of thinking for themselves; and that you believe it appropriate to deny them this option.

If on the other hand you mandate freedom of speech then you are de facto mandating freedom of thought; because people will then be required to decide for themselves what is true and what has value; as opposed to the terrible alternative of existing within a balkanized, homogenized and policed cultural dialogue where it has already been decided for you.

The policing and removal of alternate viewpoints is tyranny. In a world without freedom of speech, the only opinions that will be tolerated are those which have been pre-approved by the authoritarian body that is in control. They do the thinking and you are not required to question or to think for yourself. Contemplation and investigation are “done for you” and thus subtly – and dangerously – your own freedom of thought is deemed superfluous to requirements.

If you are not yet terrified of living in such a world, you ought to be. At the beginning, it may only be the opinions of “the deplorables” that are being censored – and you may even feel a sense of glee as the writings of your political opponents are put to the torch; but you can be sure that they will come for you, too, at some point. Progressive pruning of any remaining thing that sticks out will merely reveal more that is in need of pruning – and all too soon you will find that you, too are faced with the choice to either stand for nothing whatsoever or to be punished. Your compliance with the groupthink of the herd is the only thing that will be accepted.

Do you wish to end up in a new form of Stalinist dictatorship, where you are terrified to step out of line in action, in word and even in thought, because of the threat of punishment? Mark my words; we are heading towards it unless action is taken.

Whether or not you are “right” (as if this is something that humans actually have the capability to ascertain in the first place!) is less relevant than the fact that a person should be allowed to speak, whether right or wrong. When Youtube, Facebook or one of the others takes a position of silencing someone, it is in fact a position against all humanity. The first to get pruned are the ones who stuck out the furthest. The rest of us are boiling frogs. Youtube and Facebook do not give a rat’s ass about you.

Not only is the old saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’ a universal truth; but the corollary is also true – that preventing freedom of speech is the absolute destruction of the individual.

If you stand for free speech, you better stand for the free speech of your enemies as well as that of your own “in group” – because without their free speech, you too are fucked. If your enemies are not permitted to speak, you cannot deconstruct their ideas and demonstrate, in plain view of all, their falsehood. This is to your detriment as well as theirs!

When you fight for free speech you better fight for the free speech of your political enemies as well as your friends because that’s what a free and open society means – and if you don’t… you are already living in a Balkanized cultural environment.. and.. the censors will come for you eventually too.

That which is true, can be demonstrated to be true. That which is false, can be demonstrated to be false. And that which can neither be demonstrated to be false or demonstrated to be true, can be categorized as either unverified or unverifiable.

So bring your words – because Truth Withstands Scrutiny. If your words have value, I can take what I want from them. If they have no value, I can dismiss them as easily as someone swats away a fly. Anyone who is “hurt” by something you say is choosing to be hurt rather than using their actual power of discernment to either heed or disregard the words according to their merit. It’s lazy, privileged and entitled bullshit. I literally do not give a single fuck what anyone says to me, because I am secure in myself. If someone’s words bother you.. well, good luck in life, you mental weakling. Good luck in your little tin-pot dictatorship, with your endless litany of requirements as to how everyone must address you. On the other hand, you may call me whatever you wish; because I simply do not care.

Of course, we still have the legal categories of slander and incitement; however these have been around for centuries and stood the test of time. All of this, in fact, has already been thought through and completely worked out by wiser, more experienced minds than those of the modern time.

Good roots will withstand this nonsense, and we will prevail. Read old books! And join our email list, which goes direct from us to you, without any censors deciding what you are allowed to read. Read what you want until YOU have had your fill, and then unsubscribe in one click, whenever you want. Easy, free and fair.

1) “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it” – Aristotle

2) “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

You Can Tell Which Animal By The Tracks They Leave Behind

Animal Human Sand Footprints
Images – pixabay (PD), Wikipedia Commons (lic under CC 3.0). Graphic –

Cue David Attenborough voice… “Here, on the beaches of planet Earth, we see telltale signs of the various inhabitants: Footprints left in the sand, indicating that they passed this way. Let’s take a look at the unmistakable tracks of these creatures.”

“First, the majestic sea turtle. Once the sea turtle has reached adulthood, females will come ashore to lay their eggs on sandy beaches during the nesting season.”

“Then we have the dog; Canis lupus familiaris, a creature well adapted to this seaside habitat, making its way happily along the beach in search of sticks to play with and interesting things to sniff.”

“Next the bird, perhaps a marine species, looking for edible items on the shore.”

“Finally, the unmistakable traces of the human; the ironically-named Homo sapiens. Here we see an example of the human in its parasitic form; swarming and feeding destructively on its host. The “beach human” variety exposes itself to the sunlight and preoccupies itself with primitive mating rituals, self-intoxication and feasting on plastic-wrapped snacks, before discarding carelessly the wrapping and paying no heed to the destruction it leaves in its wake.”