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You Can Tell Which Animal By The Tracks They Leave Behind

Animal Human Sand Footprints
Images – pixabay (PD), Wikipedia Commons (lic under CC 3.0). Graphic –

Cue David Attenborough voice… “Here, on the beaches of planet Earth, we see telltale signs of the various inhabitants: Footprints left in the sand, indicating that they passed this way. Let’s take a look at the unmistakable tracks of these creatures.”

“First, the majestic sea turtle. Once the sea turtle has reached adulthood, females will come ashore to lay their eggs on sandy beaches during the nesting season.”

“Then we have the dog; Canis lupus familiaris, a creature well adapted to this seaside habitat, making its way happily along the beach in search of sticks to play with and interesting things to sniff.”

“Next the bird, perhaps a marine species, looking for edible items on the shore.”

“Finally, the unmistakable traces of the human; the ironically-named Homo sapiens. Here we see an example of the human in its parasitic form; swarming and feeding destructively on its host. The “beach human” variety exposes itself to the sunlight and preoccupies itself with primitive mating rituals, self-intoxication and feasting on plastic-wrapped snacks, before discarding carelessly the wrapping and paying no heed to the destruction it leaves in its wake.”

Please Pick Up Your Fcking Trash

Please Pick Up Your Fcking Trash
Images – pixabay (PD), Wikipedia Commons (lic under CC 3.0). Graphic –

I left my home country in 2001 and lived overseas for 17 years, returning in 2018.

What I saw shocked me. It never used to be like this. The country lanes are now completely strewn with trash. People just toss their garbage out of car windows and don’t care. Driving down a country lane in my home county I was horrified to see that at any given moment, I could see trash. It was everywhere. This trash ends up in the soil, in the air and in the water. If it falls into rivers it ends up in the ocean, where it is eaten by animals as seen in the pictures.

Don’t even get me started on the festival picture. This trash gets cleared up by the site crews but the general attitude of purchase-consume-discard is rampant. A large sector of society just do not care. This is all wrong. And there are a lot of people who really do care. But why should we have to clear up after you?

Humans are doing a terrible job. Don’t forget, what you do to the environment you end up doing to yourself, because it ends up back in the food chain. We need to fix this now, or future generations are going to curse our memory as “those guys who destroyed the planet and left it for us to clear up.” Take action.

And if I see you tossing trash out of your car window, I’m reporting you… and I have dash cam. So don’t even think about it. I might be behind you.

More info: If You Eat An Average Amount Of Fish, You Are Now Eating 11,000 Pieces Of Plastic Per Year

This Weird Sound Recording Actually Seems To Take Away All Stress Completely And Instantly Make You Feel Good – Try It! (Free)

I had to share this amazing discovery I found on Youtube. Not affiliated with them in any way.

This video is a “sound field” based on what is considered to be a ‘healing frequency’ of 285Hz.

Try it.

I was amazed. It’s rush hour on a Friday afternoon here. Instantly the sounds of traffic and stress drop into the background. This sound is incredibly calming! It radiates a deep tranquility. I find myself taking deep breaths, letting go of all the anxiety and feeling serene.

Now I was skeptical. I have to be. I’m not going to believe something just because some random person on the internet tells me it’s true, and neither should you.

But give it a whirl. What do you think? All I can say is, it’s working for me. It’s very restful and soothing. I feel good inside. It seems to have soft tones of a pentatonic or possibly dorian mode superimposed evenly over the base frequency.

The world needs simple ways to de-stress. This could be it. Really. Not trying to sell anything here.

They made a 9 hour video of this sound, which is a very useful gift. Set and forget. The comments also are fascinating. Some people reporting that the sound was helping with insomnia and one commenter is even finding a sense of relief from actual symptoms of traumatic brain injury! That’s incredible and surely worthy of scientific research.

Edgar Cayce once predicted that the medicine of the future would be sound / vibration. And then there was the work of Rife, who proposed that precise frequencies could be used to combat diseases of all kinds.

We should keep an open mind to this.

Another sound that is widely agreed to have ‘healing qualities’ is white noise. That sound closely resembles the sound of a waterfall, waves, or wind in the trees. It’s been shown to promote sleep and restfulness, which is interesting because it actually seems to be more calming than silence in some circumstances.

Well I feel as calm as a butterfly on a breeze. Did this make you feel good? Let us know in the comments.