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5 Types of Nap And Which Is Best For A Rapid Energy Boost

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The Pros Guide To NapsImage © naturalhealthzone.org

Napping is an activity most adults think is for the young and the old. However, napping can be extremely beneficial when conducted “properly” – whether you are a child or an adult! In general, naps can be very beneficial to your productivity and energy levels. [1] Naps can:

– Help you relax.
– Reduce your stress and fatigue.
– Make you more alert.
– Improve your mood.
– Improve your concentration.

All these benefits lead to (1) better work and/or school performance, (2) faster reaction times, and (3) improved memory. You are essentially a more productive version of yourself when you take time out of your day to rest and recharge.

The Downside Of Napping

OF course, napping isn’t for everyone. There are people who actually feel more tired after taking either a short or long nap. They are more productive when they work continually without resting. For these individuals, naps might cause sleep inertia, the feeling of disorientation after waking up from sleep. If you aren’t used to naps, this disorientation and grogginess can be carried throughout your day, messing with your performance and concentration.

If you don’t regulate your nap length properly, you might find it harder to sleep at night and it can cause insomnia. People who already find it difficult to fall asleep at night are discouraged from taking any form of naps during the day.

Take naps if you are:

– Extremely sleepy or fatigued. This is your body’s way of telling you to take a breather.

– About to fall asleep from too long a shift at work or long school hours.

– Finding it hard to concentrate on one (or several) tasks.

If you aren’t fatigued often but still find your need for naps increasing, seek medical help. You may have a sleeping disorder that needs to be managed by a physician.

How to Nap Like A Pro
Here are some basic guidelines in taking effective naps:

1. Keep them short. Naps should only be from 10 to 30 minutes. Any longer and you progress further into the sleep cycle, making it harder to wake up and reorganize yourself.

2. Take them in the afternoon. In some parts of the world this is called “siesta”, the time period after 12 noon and around 2 PM. Afternoon naps are the best at recharging your batteries until it’s time for bed.

3. Nap in a quiet place without distractions or disturbances. The best naps are those that are uninterrupted.

After you wake, give yourself a few minutes to recuperate before heading back to your tasks.

5 Types Of Nap And Which Is Best For A Rapid Energy Boost

1. Nano-Nap – 10 to 20 seconds of nodding off, usually enroute on public transportation or waiting for class to start.

2. Micro-Nap – two to five minutes to get rid of sleepiness.

3. Mini-Nap – five to twenty minutes to improve concentration and work performance.

4. Power Nap – 20 minutes to rest, recharge, and recover; regarded as the “ideal” length of time to nap.

5. Lazy Man’s Nap – 50 to 90 minutes to improve growth and metabolic processes, not ideal if you just want a quick pick me up at school or at work. This type of nap is best for growing children and teenagers.

Benefits Of NappingImage © Denys Kurbatov

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