10 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

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#2: Prolonged And Heavy Bleeding

Your menstruation (a.k.a. actual bleeding) should last anywhere between 3 to 7 days. The flow usually starts off weak, then gets heavier, before tapering off. The color adjusts too – from bright to dark red as your bleeding stops. However, prolonged, heavy bleeding from the uterus can signify a problem. The walls of the uterus, called the endometrium, are thickened during the regular ovulatory process and slough off during menstruation if you aren’t pregnant (meaning there is no fertilized egg to embed in the uterine walls). If the walls become too thick, you may experience abnormal, heavy bleeding which can indicate a problem. [3][4]

#3: Bleeding In Between Periods

Persistent bleeding not attributed to the normal ovulatory process is definitely a cause for concern. You will be able to differentiate this from menstrual bleeding because of the color and timing. Bleeding in between periods is usually bright red and doesn’t taper off. You will note that you will still get regular menstruation (between 21 and 35 days) and experience bleeding in between. Like pelvic pain, this kind of bleeding can be due to tissue damage attributed to ovarian cancer.

A popular theory that attempts to explain why ovarian cancer occurs is the “incessant ovulation” theory. When menstrual cycles are very short or if bleeding occurs repeatedly every few days or weeks, the ovary and uterus are consistently “disturbed”. This disruption of the surface cells of the ovary and uterus can damage and mutate its genetic make-up (the underlying cause of any cancer) and can hasten the growth of tumors. [5] Note any other vaginal abnormalities and be sure to report these also to your healthcare professional.

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