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Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours In Lab Test

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Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Lung Cancer Cells In Less Than 16 Hours In Lab Test Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 4.0

Artemisia (aka. Wormwood) has been used in herbalism since ancient times. It is extremely bitter tasting and named wormwood on account of its efficacy in destroying intestinal parasites. It is also one of the herbal ingredients in that mysterious alcoholic beverage Absinthe – which according to the traditional recipe was also prepared with several other herbs including lemon balm, mint, anise, fennel, hyssop, marjoram, angelica and dittany of Crete. [1]

After discovering a write-up on the highly selective and rapid anticancer properties of Artemisia on Healthy Food House, I dug in and did some research. What I found was astounding: The research base is solid. Artemisia has tremendous promise as a potential anticancer agent – especially when combined with iron: It targets the cancer cells specifically.

Artemisinin, a compound derived from Wormwood, has been the subject of much research – and it has shown much promise as an anti-malaria agent. It is now well established to have anti-proliferative and apoptotic (killing) effects on a number of cancer cell types. [2]

Artemisia annua was first noted as a possible anticancer herb in 2001, when two researchers at the University of Washington learned that wormwood showed highly selective activity against breast cancer cells. “Artemisinin reacts with iron to form free radicals that kill cells. Since cancer cells uptake relatively large amount of iron than normal cells, they are more susceptible to the toxic effect of artemisinin.” [3] The anticancer effect of artemisinin is thus much enhanced (up to 100x) by the preloading of cancer cells with iron. [4]

Recent scientific research conducted at the Cancer Research Laboratory, University of California (Berkeley) has found that Artemisinin, a compound found in Artemisia, induced a growth arrest of tumorigenic human breast cancer cell lines with preneoplastic and late stage cancer phenotypes, but failed to arrest the growth of a nontumorigenic human mammary cell line. [5]

In lay terms, what this means is that artemisinin killed the breast cancer cells without harming the healthy cells. This is exactly the kind of effect that researchers are looking for – because one of the greatest challenges of modern cancer research is to develop effective anti-cancer agents which do not also harm healthy cells. Current anticancer regimens are notorious for their highly toxic effects – aka “collateral damage”. [4]

It is also thought that hyperbaric oxygen therapy could further enhance the anticancer effects of artemisin. [6]

Note that these studies were performed in vitro i.e. in laboratory glassware and so this research, though highly encouraging, should not be considered as proof that artemisinin can cure cancer in human subjects. It is however one of the more promising anticancer herbs we have come across and worthy of due consideration not only by naturopaths but by orthodox medicine. Artemisinin is sometimes being used as supplementation as an adjunct to chemotherapy. I just discovered this comment from a lady whose husband had lung cancer:

“My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, it filled the left lung and it was wrapped around his spinal cord. Too close to a main artery and esophagus to operate. It also got into the Lymph system. The doctors were surprised that he wasn’t paralyzed since the cancer had crushed and cracked the spinal cord. I gave him Artemisinin capsules for four days at the beginning of the treatments with radiation and chemo. After six weeks hubby was cancer free and stayed that way. An amazing recovery. The medical staff said “they don’t see that very often.”" [7]

I am sure we will here more about artemisinin soon as research continues…

For more anticancer herb reports, please view our full page investigating 60+ “Anticancer herbs” – with links to the scientific studies.

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8 Refreshing Drinks To Shrink Your Belly

8 Refreshing Drinks To Shrink Your Belly
Image © Liv Friis-larsen – fotolia.com

If you want to change your health, it’s time to switch up your drinks! :) You’ll be amazed at the huge difference you can make to your life by cutting out store-bought junk drinks and making real drinks using fruit, superfoods and herbs. We’ve a great collection for you here that is not only super healthy but also DELICIOUS.

Most store-bought so-called “refreshing” beverages are hugely loaded with sugar (sometimes over 50 grams!) and calories, causing blood sugar spikes and other health consequences.

However as you now know if you have been reading our blog for a while, diet sodas too have come under much criticism over suspected negative health impacts of their artificial ingredients.

We all know that it is important to stay hydrated to maximize healthy organ function and minimize negative consequences of dehydration – but what is the best way to go?

Here we have a super list of 8 super refreshing drinks that will not only replenish your fluid levels but are delicious and super healthy also.

Flat Belly Drink #1 – Fruit-Enhanced Water. There are lots of options here involving adding fresh fruit and herbs to water and then allowing to steep for several hours. Here’s a collection of 5 fruit water recipes to get you going – Citrus Blend, Blackberry Sage, Pineapple Mint, Raspberry Lime, Watermelon Rosemary. More here: How To Make Naturally Flavored Water

Flat Belly Drink #2 – Honey Lemon Ginger Tea. An all-time fav, this one is widely agreed to work wonders if you have a cold or mildly upset tummy – but it has healthful effects that are worthwhile at any time. It also happens to be amazingly delicious! To prepare, chop fresh organic lemon and ginger into a cup and pour on boiling water. Add raw honey to taste. Two tips on the honey – 1) make sure you are getting the real stuff (see this list of raw honey suppliers with explanation of why it’s important). 2) some of the beneficial components in raw honey are destroyed by high temperatures (read: boiling water). So, you might want to do what I do, which is eat the raw honey from the spoon in between sips of the lemon-ginger tea… ;)

Flat Belly Drink #3 – Organic Apple Carrot Ginger. This has now become a staple in healthy circles and it’s both delicious and SUPER-healthy. After drinking this, I am sure that I can feel some deep parts of my body being nourished and hydrated like tree roots after the first rain! :) Peel and slice 3 fresh organic apples, 2 organic carrots and an inch (or more if you like it hot!) of organic ginger. Put it all in the blender or juice press and juice away. This one is best consumed immediately after being made, so as to minimize the oxidation of the apple. Tip – add dark red beets as well for an amazing color and more healthy benefits!

Flat Belly Drink #4 – Matcha Mango Pineapple Smoothie. Matcha is a high quality powdered green tea very popular in the orient and now becoming very popular in the west – not only as a tea in its own right but as a smoothie ingredient. Matcha is kinda expensive but so worth it, and a jar goes a long way. Green tea has long been noted for its beneficial healthy effects, including a sustained energy boost that revs up the metabolism. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is highly regarded as a digestive aid. Put a small scoop of matcha (as you would if you were making the tea) in the blender along with freshly prepared mango and pineapple and you have an amazing combo that will help cleanse the system and give your whole day a dynamic boost!

Flat Belly Drink #5 – Peppermint tea. Consumed either hot or iced, peppermint tea has practically zero calories, is deliciously refreshing, and is reported to assist the stomach with processing of fat – meaning that it deserves its place in a list of flat-belly drinks.

Flat Belly Drink #6 – Sassy Water. Add 2 sliced lemons, half a cucumber (also sliced),
10-12 mint leaves to 3 quarts of water. Put in refrigerator overnight. Wash and rinse all produce carefully before use – ideally using the apple cider vinegar soak method. (1 cup of ACV in bowl of water, leave produce in there for 10+ minutes, brush gently if using produce brush if necessary, rinse thoroughly). For a variation, you can also try other culinary herbs instead of mint – what about rosemary, lavender or sage? :)

Flat Belly Drink #7 – Banana Coconut Maca Cacao Ginseng smoothie. This one is a super-nutrient-packed superfood blast that will keep your metabolism high without any added sweetener! :) Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, has super-healthy antioxidant and energy boosting qualities. Maca and ginseng are both considered energizing (and possibly aphrodisiac!) Add frozen bananas, coconut water or almond milk, organic dried coconut flakes, a teaspoon full of raw cacao nibs, 1/4 teaspoon of maca and (optional) ginseng (I break open a capsule so as to get a controlled supplement amount) to a blender and hit the button. You should find this one is mood elevating also. (I think all these drinks are actually!)

Flat Belly Drink #8 – Watermelon Base Smoothie. Watermelon juice has all kinds of health benefits and is considered beneficial for detoxing. It contains lycopene (yes that’s the same substance that is thought responsible for the cardiovascular health qualities of tomatoes!), high levels of vitamin C and A, and citrulline, which is considered beneficial for kidney cleansing and the urinary system. To make this smoothie, simply use watermelon as the “base” for your favorite smoothie recipe! Use real fruit and skip any sweeteners.

Mix it up: In general, mixing freshly made organic fruit juice of your choice with high quality filtered water is going to create a fine drink that is both nutritious and hydrating. Stay hydrated and healthy! :)

Research Shows This One Plant Kills Cancer And Stops Diabetes

Research Shows This One Plant Kills Cancer And Stops Diabetes Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia), also known as balsam pear, bitter gourd, or karela, is widely cultivated in many parts of Asia, Africa, and South America and has been used extensively used in folk medicines since old times as a herbal remedy for diabetes – specifically in India, China, and Central America. [1]

The fruit of the bitter melon vine is usually harvested while it is still light green to pale yellow in color, as it becomes bitterer as it ripens. The young fruits are then split or cut in half, and the seeds and pith taken out and discarded. The fruit is then prepared as a vegetable or as a juice and is packed with various nutrients including high levels of Vitamin C and some uniquely valuable phytonutrients.

In recent times bitter melon has generated much excitement owing to its medicinal potential. For several years now animal studies have supported the hypoglycemic (glucose lowering) and hypolipidemic (cholesterol lowering) effects of bitter melon – indicating its potential as a supplement beneficial for diabetes, weight loss and more. [2][3][4][5]

The fruit is said to be helpful in treating viral diseases such as measles. Also, in many parts of Asia, especially in the Philippines, it is believed that the consumption of bitter melon is helpful for preventing the contraction of malaria. Studies have shown that it does indeed possess antimalarial activity, although its efficacy on humans is still being analyzed. Aside from being used as an antiviral foodstuff, compounds in the bitter melon fruit have also been shown to help treat HIV infected individuals.

Bitter Melon As Anti-Cancer Agent

The literature regarding the anticancer properties of bitter melon is quite extensive. Bitter melon has now shown activity against cancers of the breast, pancreas, prostate, colon, liver, stomach and naso-pharynx, as well as leukemia and neuroblastoma. [6]

Bitter melon has been found to kill cancer cells not only in a laboratory dish, but also in animal trials: In a paper published in Carcinogenesis, University of Colorado researchers administered oral bitter melon doses to mice and found a 64% reduction in pancreatic tumor size without noticeable toxicity. [7] This is an amazing result and exactly the kind of selective action against cancer cells that researchers are looking for.

Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer in women from Western countries. In a 2010 study from Saint Louis University (USA), bitter melon extract was effective against human breast cancer cells and primary human mammary epithelial cells. It was able to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells and induce cell death among breast cancer cells – and has been suggested as a dietary supplement for prevention of breast cancer. [8]

Bitter melon has been demonstrated to increase the number of natural killer (NK) cells, which is usually low or reduced in cervical cancer patients who have a defective immune system. [9] Its administration was also found to result in the arrest of the cell cycle among prostate cancer cells and halt the progress of prostate tumor. [10]

Bitter Melon extract is available in capsule form as a dietary supplement through the usual sources – including Amazon: Bitter Melon 500 mg 90 Vcaps By Best Naturals – Amazon.com

Bitter Melon – Safety Note:
Due to its reported abortifacient properties, the consumption of bitter melon is inadvisable for pregnant women, while the toxicity of its seeds (typically discarded from culinary use) indicates their extremely limited and controlled uses. Its employment for the treatment of children’s ills is discouraged, as the seeds are regarded as highly toxic to children.

Further reading: Bitter Melon is one of 60 plants investigated on our giant page 60 Anticancer Herbs. See also our full herbal report on Bitter Melon.


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