Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts

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Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of HazelnutsTop 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts – Image To Repin / Share
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Hazelnuts, also called cobnuts or filberts, have been harvested by humans for many thousands of years, providing a bounty of nutrition that stores well through lean winter months and making a helpful contribution to general health.

Hazel trees are suited to growing in temperate climates and are native to southern Europe and Asia. Timber from the trees is extremely useful due to its strength and flexibility. [1]

An ancient Celtic story tells of the “salmon of wisdom” that gains its wisdom by eating hazelnuts. It is, perhaps, a tale to encourage children of those days to keep up their intake of this healthy food. It is interesting to note that Hazel has been called the “tree of knowledge” in Ireland [2] – and these ancient legends often hint at the herbal benefits of the plant or food in question.

Science is beginning to unravel the complex picture of nutrients that promote good health, and it’s now clear that hazelnuts are rich in some of the most important ones. Turkey is the country that leads world hazelnut growing, with around 75% of the total production. [1]

You may already know that hazelnuts are good for health, but it has now been discovered that some of the most important health-giving properties (from phenolic compounds) are to be found in the skins, especially when eaten raw rather than roasted. Blanching or bleaching these nuts causes a great loss of beneficial phenolic compounds. The skins have a slightly bitter taste but this could also be beneficial, as the bitter taste itself directly stimulates the digestive system. [3][4]

Here are ten of the leading health benefits of hazelnuts:

1. Cardiovascular Health Testing of patients with high cholesterol levels after a period of daily hazelnut consumption has been shown to reduce the indicators of cardiovascular health risk. [5][6][7]

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis The significant levels of plant-based antioxidants and phytochemicals found in hazelnuts are generally accepted as having a positive effect on symptoms of this disease. [8]

3. Slows Alzheimer’s Disease In mild to moderate cases of Alzheimer’s, it has been shown that high levels of vitamin E and B1 (thiamin) intake can slow the progression of symptoms. Both of these vitamins are found in large amounts in hazelnuts – 1 cup (135g) contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E and 58% of thiamin. [9][10] Perhaps there is some truth in the ancient story that wisdom can be gained by eating these nuts!

4. Cancer Protective Dietary nutraceuticals are growing in stature as evidence grows for their role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. The healthy fats and strong antioxidants that are often linked by scientists to this protective effect against cancer in humans are found in good amounts in hazelnuts, which have benefits relating particularly to colon cancer. [11]

5. Female Diabetes Thiamin deficiency is strongly linked with cases of diabetes mellitus. Hazelnuts can help to supply the recommended intake as a natural dietary source of this valuable vitamin. Note: Tests show much greater improvements for women with diabetes than for men. [7][12]

6. Gallstone Reduction Regular nut consumption has been linked to a reduction in the incidence of gallstone disease in men. [13]

7. Weight Loss Although nuts have a high fat content, it has been shown that eating them does not contribute to weight gain; in fact, the opposite is often true. [7]

8. Low Sodium Content Hazelnuts contain negligible amounts of sodium, making them perfect for anyone on a low sodium diet. [7]

9. Metabolism Balancing The combination of nutrients and minerals in hazelnuts, as well as the presence of folic acid, help to balance the metabolism, especially by lowering homocysteine levels that can cause degenerative disease.

10. Skin Health (High in Vitamin E) The high level of vitamin E in hazelnuts makes them excellent for protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and its effects, which include skin cancer and wrinkling. [14]


Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Apples

Top 10 Health Benefits of ApplesTop 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Apples – Image To Repin / Share
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Although the apple is a temperate fruit that does not grow so well in tropical climates, it is still a popular fruit everywhere, even in tropical parts of the world – and for good reason. Not only is this fruit visually appealing and very palatable, it also has a reputation for being very healthy. (An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?)

It’s not all media hype, this healthiness of the apple. There is a wealth of scientific evidence that proves this well-loved fruit deserves much of its good reputation. Here are ten of the ways that apples can keep doctors away:

1. Cancer Prevention – Apples, apple juice, and apple extracts have all been shown to prevent colon, breast, and skin cancer in animal subjects. Epidemiological observations also support the effectiveness of apples in preventing lung and colon cancer in human populations. [1]

2. Antioxidant Activity – The phytochemical content of apples has demonstrated free radical scavenging activities that reduce DNA damage caused by oxidation. It may be interesting to note that according to studies, the most antioxidant-rich part of the apple is its peel, not its pulp. [1], [2]

3. Antihyperglycemic – With the wealth of available scientific evidence supporting the antihyperglycemic effect of the apple, the question of researchers is no longer whether this fruit can really control hyperglycemia but more on which particular phenolic of the fruit confers this effect, and which apple variety provides the largest amount of benefits. [2]

4. Anti-diabetes – Related to the apple’s antihyperglycemic effect is its potential as an anti-diabetes agent. A study has shown that apple consumption is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. And again, researchers credit much of the apple’s anti-diabetic health benefits on its peel, which has a higher level of quercertin than the pulp of the fruit. [3]

5. Cardiovascular Protection – It has long been concluded that the more dietary fiber there is in one’s diet, the lower one’s risk for coronary heart disease becomes. [4] A hundred grams of raw apple with its skin on contains 10% of the average person’s daily fiber requirements. [5] This makes this fruit a very heart-friendly addition to one’s everyday diet.

6. Cholesterol Reduction – One of the reasons why apples are so effective at lowering the risk of heart disease is that they have a reducing effect on bad cholesterol. In a 2001 study, researchers observed that when animal subjects were given apples, their levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood decreased, their good cholesterol (HDL) levels increased, and there was more cholesterol in their feces, which suggests that less cholesterol was absorbed by the body. [3]

7. Anti-asthma – Researchers have found a specific link between apple consumption and a reduced risk for asthma. This same link has not been found in the general consumption of other fruits and vegetables such as grapefruit, onions, and white cabbage. Apple’s anti-asthma effect is especially prominent when the fruit is consumed at least twice a week. [3]

8. Weight Reduction – In a study done on overweight middle-aged women, where the subjects were divided into three groups – the members of the first group were given an apple; the second group, a pear; and the third group, an oatmeal cookie to eat thrice a day for three months – researchers observed that at the end of the period, both the apple and pear groups lost an average of 1.21 kg, while those who had oat cookies did not have any significant changes in weight. [3]

9. Anti-cholera – Researchers have found that immature apples contain polyphenols that inhibit the adverse effects of cholera on the body, making the fruit a possible therapeutic agent for treating cholera victims. [6]

10. Anti-COPD Symptoms – During a three-year study, researchers examined the effects of flavonoid intake on victims of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The main dietary sources of the flavonoids were either tea or apples. The findings showed that while tea drinking did not produce a significant effect on the subjects, apple consumption resulted in less coughing and breathlessness, leading to the conclusion that a high intake of apples is beneficial for relieving the symptoms of COPD. [7]

It merits repeating that the majority of the apple’s health benefits lie in the compounds found most abundantly in the apple’s skin. Unfortunately, the skin of the apple can be tainted with pesticides used in commercial fruit production. To be able to maximize one’s benefit from this fruit, it is a good idea to choose (and wash) organic produce, in which the skin of the apple can be safely consumed.

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70+ Amazing Uses For 6 Natural Products

70+ Amazing Uses For 6 Natural Products 70+ Uses For Natural Products Chart – Image To Repin / Share
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Next, you will probably save money – especially if you bulk-buy! For example, after squeezing a lemon, you probably throw it away…. try using it as a scrubber for stainless steel sink or shower faucets! The acidity in the lemon juice helps to counteract stains.

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Shout out to Mind Body Green for the original idea behind this post.

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