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Browse our database of top quality, full length informational pages for over 140 of the most popular herbs and spices.

Essential Oils

Browse our database of full-length informational pages for over 25 of the most popular essential oils.


Where we share news, special features and our best discoveries from around the web

Herbal Remedies

Lists of the herbs that are considered useful for over 50 common conditions and maladies

Herbal Preparations

Do you know a maceration from an infusion? It's all here!

Home Remedies

A huge compendium of all kinds of home remedies for all kinds of things!


A monumental project: We now have one of the largest online databases of books on herbalism in the world!


An A-Z of medicinal terms used by herbalists


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herbs herbs herbs

Welcome To Herbs-info.com

Welcome to herbs-info.com, one of the web's premier resources for information about herbs.

On this site you will find a compendium of information about individual herbs, herbal remedies, essential oils, home / natural remedies and more.

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“This is the enchantment, this the exaltation,
The all-compensating wonder,
Giving to common things wild kindred
With the gold-tesserate floors of Jove;
Linking such heights and such humilities,
Hand in hand in ordinal dances,
That I do think my tread,
Stirring the blossoms in the meadow-grass
Flickers the unwithering stars.”

-- Francis Thompson, "An Anthem of Earth", 1894

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